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Got the Shot
“As an essential service provider, our frontline teams have been out in the public servicing our communities and customers throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic. This campaign is designed to call attention to our employees who have been vaccinated, put the public at ease knowing that they are interacting with someone who has been vaccinated, and also raise awareness that the vaccine is safe and important for all of us as we seek a return to normalcy."
- John W. Casella

We're pleased to offer the following collateral in an effort to help our employees create awareness and encourage others to become vaccinated. 



In this episode, Joe Fusco and Shelley Sayward sit down with the general manager of Ontario County Landfill, Brian Sanders, to learn about his recent experience contracting COVID-19 and how it changed his perspective on vaccinations.



In this episode, Shelley Sayward sits down with Dr. Jim Russell, a local physician in the Rutland area who specializes in emergency sports medicine and has a long-standing history in our community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Russell worked closely with essential businesses to help them manage outbreaks and answer challenging questions about health, safety, and vaccinations that have come up throughout the ever-changing course of the pandemic. Dr. Russell has been incredibly instrumental in providing guidance to Casella throughout the pandemic and remains a valuable resource today. Because of the complexity of this issue and the episode length, we have also broken down the information in easy-to-consume sound clips and highlights for each broad question that was asked which is available by clicking here.



In this episode, Abby Kristan sits down with manager of payroll and benefits administration, Robyn Scarborough, to learn about her recent experience with COVID-19, her thoughts on getting vaccinated and why she ultimately decided it was the right thing to do, and how the virus impacted her life in more ways than one.

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