The Zero-Sort® Recycling Process

Zero-Sort® Recycling is Casella's proprietary recycling system that uses mechanical sorting equipment to separate each individual material for resale to a manufacturer to use as raw materials for new products.

Technologies used in Zero-Sort Recycling facilities today include:

  • disc screens for cardboard and paper 
  • eddy-current for aluminum 
  • magnets for tin
  • optical sorters for paper, plastics and aluminum 
  • screens for glass

Zero-Sort Recycling makes it easier for our customers to recycle, promoting greater participation in recycling by eliminating their need to sort materials—and positioning us as the provider of choice in many markets.

Currently, seven of our materials processing facilities are Zero-Sort Recycling equipped and we offer Zero-Sort services to homeowners and commercial businesses. Our customer service staff is available to help you get started today.